• Pewter Sacred Heart Ex-Voto Vial
  • Pewter Sacred Heart Ex-Voto Vial
  • Pewter Sacred Heart Ex-Voto Vial

Pewter Sacred Heart Ex-Voto Vial

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This ex-voto is a pewter sacred heart, with a threaded lid just below the flame. It's a reproduction of an antique convent holy water vessel. It's engraved with the Monogram of Mary - a large script "M" surrounded by flowers. Once the flame lid has been removed, the heart has a slender opening, large enough for a tiny keepsake such as a lock of hair (or fur), grains of sand from a treasured visit, a rolled up note, or even ashes of a loved one - the beauty and love that is represented by the Sacred Heart allows for the most precious keepsake.

Although this is a reproduction of a holy water vessel, filling the vial with liquids is not recommended as it's manufactured for decorative purposes and not water steadfastness.

A hook on the back allows it to be made in to a necklace or charm for you or your Santos, a wall hanging, or even an ornament. It is hollow and lightweight, making it easy to hang in delicate places, such as the wrist of your Santos, or even a wedding bouquet.

The sacred heart measures 4 inches from the top of the flame to the bottom of the heart.

With the artisan craftsmanship involved, no two of these ex-votos are exactly alike; we added the third picture to illustrate some of the subtle differences in engraving, brightness/color, and/or shape that may occur.