Double Sacred Heart Gold Tin Ex-Voto - "Love Milagro" - 5" tall

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This double sacred heart gold tin ex-voto is one of the most unique ex-votos in the shop! Double sacred hearts are a rare find on ex-votos. This one is particularly usual with it's beautiful antique brass finish.

Two flaming hearts connect, each with a punched tin cherub at the base. The cherubs aren't meant to be perfect - this piece was created to appear as an antique ex-voto, and it gives the appearance of a worn piece that has been rubbed many times in devotion.

Not all ex-votos have words on them, but when they do it is frequently Latin initials, or in representation to Jesus or Mary. This ex-voto says LOVE on it, in punched tin letters tied on with brass wire. It's a perfect "thank you" for your Love Miracle. This would be a great gift for a wedding, anniversary, Valetine, or birth of a child. Three holes are at the top, between the flames, to hang with your own ribbon or cord.

For hundreds of years, ex-votos have been used as a 'thank you note' to God for receipt of a miracle or an answered prayer. In years past, it was common to fill the church with ex-votos during a wedding, and the priest would refer to them in the service.

Ex-voto measures approximately 5 inches tall by 6 inches wide.