Learn to Make a Santos Doll

Jennifer Rizzo is a very talented artist that I admire very much! She makes the sweetest Santos dolls, and she is now teaching how to do it in a video course, “Creatively Made”. You can see more of her Santos dolls here.

I’ve heard from many customers that they’d love to make their own cage doll. Here’s your chance to learn how! You can buy the basics – the wire, body, and slats, from Jennifer’s store.

If you make the doll, be sure and let us know – we’d love to post a picture, or link to your blog showing her off! 

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Our Lady of Grace, Displayed by Ray

Recently we shared some photos that Ray sent us for his Our Lady of Fatima. We now have photos to share of his Our Lady of Grace, which is made from the 31″ Grey Santos Doll. We think he chose a very beautiful doll to start his project with – she has a beautiful, ethereal face. Ray has added extensive lace work and beading to her dress and veil. Click the photos to enlarge them, so you can see the beautiful detail that he has given the Santos!


Thank you for sharing your photos, Ray! We hope we can see your next project!

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Deryn Mentock’s Santos Display for Jewelry

Deryn Mentock has a knack for making gorgeous jewelry! You may have seen her creations in various books and magazines, or at her Etsy store, Something Sublime.

She has used a beautiful   Tin Skirt Angel as her model. We found her displays very inspirational, and asked if we could share! Although her jewelry is made for women, we think the saints and angels look just as lovely in them!

This Santos is wearing an antique paper and glitter crown, and various pieces of jewelry that Deryn has for sale in her store. Deryn also teaches classes online and at various workshops around the country. You can read more about that on her blog at Something Sublime.




Thank you for sharing your photos with us, Deryn!

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Our Lady of Fatima, Displayed by Ray

Ray, a very gifted tailor, has dressed some beautiful Santos in to various apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here, she is dressed as Our Lady of Fatima. Ray has chosen fine lace and added his own custom beading to bring the perfect look to the dress as he has envisioned it. Ray is working on more Blessed Virgin Mary’s, and we hope to be able to share pictures of all of them as we receive them. He has chosen the 27 inch Cream Santos to make this. 


Here you can see an up-close view of the lace and beading.


And here is another closeup shot of her face, surrounded by a lace veil.


We look forward to sharing more of Ray’s displays! 

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Santos Paper Doll with Vintage Embellishments

Candy, over at Creativity is Contagious has made a great Santos Paper Doll! Technically, it’s a Valentine’s Doll but she’s perfect year round. She used a Santos paper doll stamp, and stamped her on a manila folder, and cut her out and assembled. Being creative, she wove lace in to the cage, added distressing ink, more vintage lace for a shawl, bodice and headpiece, and then added some painted paper flowers. Lastly, she added a banner made from vintage Valentines sprinkled with more painted paper flowers. Beautiful! You can read the details on her doll here.


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Grace and Corazon

We are blessed to have met Annie, the creative force behind the amazingly beautiful store, Grace and Corazon, on Etsy. If you love religious jewelry, art, medals, trinkets and other lovelies, you will adore her shop! She has a beautiful selection of vintage and re-purposed objects, many of which are made in to bold, chunky jewelry, and others as a beautiful yet humble trinkets.

Most of her items are for us (I’m thinking me, me, me!) but a few could even be used to decorate your Santos!

Some of the most drool worthy items are…


I love this necklace! I’d have a hard time choosing between me and one my angels to wear it, though. It’s an antique mother of pearl rosary necklace, with a bronze cross and French bronze miraculous medal. The bronze and mother of pearl are fantastic together!



I’m also crazy about this Chilean St Francisco medal. What a bold, powerful design! She’s paired it with a super long chain for double wrapping.

I think this is my most favorite of all. I didn’t really consider myself a cuff bracelet type of person, but this bracelet has changed me! It’s a gorgeous medal of Saint Anne holding The Virgin Mary as a child. It’s been re-purposed with a leather belt to make a bracelet. I love the details on the medal, and the old worn area!

There’s so much more to see at her shop. Hold the presses! I just found another swoon-worthy cuff bracelet:

The details are magnificent on this medal. Again, Annie has re-purposed it and it can be shared with many, displayed on your wrist. These are one of a kind jewelry pieces, so get them while they are available! Grace and Corazon, on Etsy. 

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Paper Doll Saints by Paper Dali

I found some new, fun, handmade Saints to share. Paper Dali has a complete line of paper doll saints that you can download, print, and color. It’s too bad that I didn’t find these in time to share for All Saints Day! St. Valentine is my favorite dali! She’s made a cute matchbox candy holder out of it.

I also loved her illustration of St Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe and enjoyed reading about the meaning of the colors for the clothing.

I’m looking forward to seeing more Paper Dali illustrations! 

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Santos Paper Dolls

I am so happy that I’ve discovered Rosemary, aka Ozma of Odds. (I previously wrote about her handmade crown and Santos clothing…) We found her while searching around for nice Santos goodies to share with you. We hit the jackpot! She make gorgeous Santos Paper Dolls that she sells here, in her Etsy store.

This is Saint Rose!

Here is what Rosemary says about her doll:

*Saint Rose grew beautiful roses, which grew for her even out of season. With these flowers, she decorated altars and would take them to market to help support her family.

This is a Santos paper doll that is fully articulated and handstamped on a heavy, creamy linen cardstock. Saint Rose wears a garland of roses around her neck and a rose bouquet crown adorns her head. In her hands she carries a silk beribboned paper key…that opens her secret rose garden gate…and in her other hand, she carries a lovey walking stick that helps to lift the climbing roses above her head down into her gathering basket. Her walking stick is accented with a pink austrian crystal and hand dyed silk and lace ribbons are tied aroung the center.

She measures 10 1/2 inches tall

If you look around Rosemary’s website, you’ll see that she does top notch work, with an extremely careful eye for detail. She is truly an artisan!

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Rosemary’s handmade crown and dress

I recently stumbled upon a blog called Ozma Of Odds. It was love at first sight! On the top of her page, was our Cream and Taupe 27 Inch Santos Cage Doll , but all dressed up and ooooooh so divine!!


Here’s what Rosemary says about dressing her doll:


* Her crown is made from twisted wire, austrian crystals and rhinestones and pearls and is actually a necklace for me, and when I’m not wearing it…she is ~ as a crown!!!
~ My mom loved it as a crown sooo much I actually made her one but in a silver tone!!

* She wears a skirt made out of fabric strips cut from brown toile de jouy fabric, vintage lace and hand stamped strips of muslin with frenchness words!! ~ and a satin creamy sash finishes it off, as one can never be tooo elegant, can they be?!

* She has a collar around her neck and cuffs around her wrists. The collar is made out of coffee filters and the wrists are cupcake liners of all things!! I just love the way they stand stiff and can be seperated to appear full and fluffed out!!

* In her right hand she holds a bouquet of vintage flowers that have been grunged and tipped with silver glitter and tied off with vintage seam binding ribbon. She also holds an altered art tags that I simply made out of burlap, brown tissue paper and a french fabric image. In her left hand she holds the perfect shade of blue/green vintage rosary.

Combine these lovely things all together and Viola!! There you have it ~ my santos!!


This has to be not only the most original Santos dressing that we’ve seen, but also one of the most beautiful! Check out the closeups…

The back of her dress is topped with a beautiful ribbon sash…

Her tiny bouquet of flowers and wrist cuffs made of miniature cupcake liners!


Her skirt is made from strips of fabric.


Be sure and check out Rosemary’s blog at Ozma of Odds - she has a ton of beautiful things to look at, including her Santos Paper Dolls, which we talk about here. 

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