Santos News, (Santos) Savings - & Happy 4th!

OK: This will be a bit of a read, but it contains important info - as well as a 4th of July Sale coupon!

It was 1 year ago when we sent out our last newsletter.

It was 1
1/2 years ago when closed up shop^.
So you may well wonder: What's up with a newsletter from 'us', then?

The answer, short and sweet:

Granted, that's a little vague... So in more detail:
In 2014 Amy took over from us (Jennifer and Rob at,, and others). And ^we transformed the Santos site in January 2015 from an online store to a huge Santos archive - which it is to this day.

Then 1 year ago - i.e. when you received our last newsletter - we announced that Amy's Eleanor Brown Boutique had started to carry several 'Santos' style products... Some of which used to stock! It added Santos dolls/busts to its 'Sanctuary' collection, in addition to milagros and ex-votos, crowns, angel wings - and other treasures of the saintly and angelic kinds.

Well... As of today, July 1,2016, Eleanor Brown Boutique is back 'under original management'. ;) I.e. Amy has handed the Eleanor Brown site - 'Santos' decor and all! - back to us, so that she can shift her life's focus while still - thank goodness! - remaining part of our e-stores family team! :)

And (y)our Eleanor Brown Boutique now has a site-wide 4th of July weekend Sale going, through the 7th! :)

Coupon code EBBHAPPY4TH gives you a celebratory 20% off on all of Eleanor's in-stock treasures - 'Santos' decor included! The coupon can be used multiple times. (Limit one coupon per order)
Your purchase(s) will ship within 1 business day.

With its reigns back in our hands will Eleanor Brown Boutique next start to carry 'new' antique-style Santos decor? And/or more of the old ( favorites?

That's to early to tell, still... But, if Eleanor does do so then we'll definitely share the details on Eleanor's Facebook page - so make sure to LiKE/follow! there! And may we also recommend you subscribe to Eleanor's newsletter? :)

As you may know we also had an online store called The Devoted, on Etsy. It specialized in rosaries, Catholic medals, and more. Well, we recently decided to add The Devoted's inventory to our MiNT Jewelry Supplies Etsy shop. So you also may want to check MiNT's 'New/Vintage Religious' section for some precious treasures (many currently on clearance!) for you, your Santos - or for a loved one!

Thank you so much for all the years you have been with us; we much appreciate it! /

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