Vintage Rosaries

We are happy to announce that we have a new sister site, Eleanor Brown Boutique! It’s named after Mom – the original doll collector of the family! I take after Mom in a lot of ways (Actually, so do my sisters). I love old unusual dolls, vintage lace, opalescent glass, bird and bee themes, and old jewelry. Like my sisters, the older I get -  the shinier the better.  And Mom is taking after her daughters. She didn’t own a Santos doll until we found them, and now she is beginning to love collecting antique rosaries. She has helped us  We’ve got the new store carrying all kinds of things that our family loves. You could say that Mom is the Head Curator :) . She has taught us a lot about composition, eras, and what things were used for. If you ever have an old gadget, bring it to Mom and she’ll tell you “Oh, that’s a so & so, people used to do so & so with it!” I hope I can gain half the knowledge that Mom has about goodies from the past!

Check out the store – we have some of our Santos items there, plus much more  – Eleanor Brown Boutique.

Here are a few of our vintage rosaries that we have listed there. If you don’t use them for prayer, your Santos doll would love one hanging from her neck! 

Definitely my favorite of these is the dark red cube rosary. I almost didn’t list it! The cubes remind me of the square cinnamon suckers that my brother and sisters and I had when we were kids. We loved those things! They burned the fire out of our lips, but they were our favorites. Good memories!

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