Central American Folk Art Statues in Traditional Home Mag

We are so happy to see a plethora of Santos statues in one beautiful magazine spread! Traditional Home Magazine (June 2011 Issue) has done a piece on the home of Charles and Jane Forman, who live in a gorgeous home in Nantucket. Their house is decorated with a lot of great folk art, including many Santos cage dolls and other Santos figures. We are disappointed that for the most part, the dolls were not referred to as Santos dolls – that will definitely make it harder for people to find what they are looking for. A search on Central American Folk Art Statues will yield very different results from the Santos dolls in this home.  A couple of the figures are Central American in design, but in my opinion, about half of her collection is  Southern European.

Regardless of the origin, her Santos collection is gorgeous – I believe most of it to be antique, if not all. We do have dolls that are extremely close in reproduction to her dolls.


On page 114, she has a beautiful collection of turquoise Santos – turquoise and bright blue are very popular colors with antique Santos – and the one on the desk in front of the window appears to be a custom painted version of our 20″ Mauve Santos Cage Doll, found in our store here. I have to say, turquoise is definitely a good color on this Santos lady! Please pick up a copy of the June 2011 magazine and see their beautiful home.