Santos Paper Dolls

I am so happy that I’ve discovered Rosemary, aka Ozma of Odds. (I previously wrote about her handmade crown and Santos clothing…) We found her while searching around for nice Santos goodies to share with you. We hit the jackpot! She make gorgeous Santos Paper Dolls that she sells here, in her Etsy store.

This is Saint Rose!

Here is what Rosemary says about her doll:

*Saint Rose grew beautiful roses, which grew for her even out of season. With these flowers, she decorated altars and would take them to market to help support her family.

This is a Santos paper doll that is fully articulated and handstamped on a heavy, creamy linen cardstock. Saint Rose wears a garland of roses around her neck and a rose bouquet crown adorns her head. In her hands she carries a silk beribboned paper key…that opens her secret rose garden gate…and in her other hand, she carries a lovey walking stick that helps to lift the climbing roses above her head down into her gathering basket. Her walking stick is accented with a pink austrian crystal and hand dyed silk and lace ribbons are tied aroung the center.

She measures 10 1/2 inches tall

If you look around Rosemary’s website, you’ll see that she does top notch work, with an extremely careful eye for detail. She is truly an artisan!

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