Grace and Corazon

We are blessed to have met Annie, the creative force behind the amazingly beautiful store, Grace and Corazon, on Etsy. If you love religious jewelry, art, medals, trinkets and other lovelies, you will adore her shop! She has a beautiful selection of vintage and re-purposed objects, many of which are made in to bold, chunky jewelry, and others as a beautiful yet humble trinkets.

Most of her items are for us (I’m thinking me, me, me!) but a few could even be used to decorate your Santos!

Some of the most drool worthy items are…


I love this necklace! I’d have a hard time choosing between me and one my angels to wear it, though. It’s an antique mother of pearl rosary necklace, with a bronze cross and French bronze miraculous medal. The bronze and mother of pearl are fantastic together!



I’m also crazy about this Chilean St Francisco medal. What a bold, powerful design! She’s paired it with a super long chain for double wrapping.

I think this is my most favorite of all. I didn’t really consider myself a cuff bracelet type of person, but this bracelet has changed me! It’s a gorgeous medal of Saint Anne holding The Virgin Mary as a child. It’s been re-purposed with a leather belt to make a bracelet. I love the details on the medal, and the old worn area!

There’s so much more to see at her shop. Hold the presses! I just found another swoon-worthy cuff bracelet:

The details are magnificent on this medal. Again, Annie has re-purposed it and it can be shared with many, displayed on your wrist. These are one of a kind jewelry pieces, so get them while they are available! Grace and Corazon, on Etsy. 

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