Blue Santos Mannequin – a comparison of antique versus reproduction

I love to look at antique Santos dolls. I like to guess what date they were created, and then read the description to see if I’m right! It’s also fun to do with price tags. Generally there is gasping involved! Last night was my most exciting ‘find’. Look at this beauty -

Closer still…

She’s an 18th century doll, and her value is over $8000. That’s the interesting part. Here’s the fun part!

This is our reproduction doll that we have in our store, for $177. The reproduction doll is less sorrowful, although she was created as a Dolorosa.  Both dolls are a beautiful blue, both are gazing upward, wearing similar earrings, and each have their sandals painted. At each detail, my ‘WOWs’ got louder! Created generations apart, but with a beautiful bond.

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