It's a Santos Archive!

As we write this,
early January 2015, we DO have some Santos stock left - but itself no longer sells
Santos Dolls and their accessories! Instead... we have repurposed the site:

Welcome to the Santos Archive!
You read that right: now functions as a huge Santos Archive!
You may already have spotted that after we implemented (and announced) it early January of this year. But in case you did not know yet: The site has doubled its 'inventory' by featuring most of the products the site has sold over the years!

And just in case,
stay subscribed to our newsletter, folks! We may no longer be selling Santos, - and therefore have less 'hot news' to share - but if some sporadic occasions arrise, we may indeed still send you Santos-related updates. 

Make sure
too to check back on the website throughout the year(s) (as well as on our Facebook page) to see if something cool is going on... You never know! ;)

Here's to Santos!

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