Close to closing, no more Santos sales, BUT...


Almost 2015, and so close...
to 'closing' the shop! We trust your Christmas was magical and merry! Ours was, too - though in the back of our minds there was this nagging realization we were now less than a week away from having to say goodbye... ;(

We won't be having any more sales,
but our 15% - 35% Off Clearance section is still open! And, we were selling out its Santos products left and right, so we just added more! [UPDATE an hour later: Some of those added are now also sold out!]

For example
the customer favorite 25" Maria Santos Statue, our 30" Santos Mannequin on the Stand, those LARGE Wooden Golden Angel Wings, a beautiful Silver Plated Milagro - plus more!

Not to worry:
As we mentioned here a while back, although the site's shop closes permanently on Jan. 1, email customer service will still be available that first month of 2015, for your December purchases made there. :)

Thank you, folks!



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