Santos Savings Continue. AND... Anniversary!

Articulated Santos Mannequins. [discontinued]

High FIVE!

We started carrying Santos Mannequins and Cage Dolls online late November 2009 - soon followed by the first incarnation of In other words:

It is our Five Year Anniversary! A somewhat bitter sweet one since we will be closing our site/shop in just 6 weeks (i.e. on January 1, 2015), but... c'est la vie. :)

As these things go, quite a few of your Saintly favorites were discontinued over the years, for one reason or another. But in the weeks to come many of them will 'revisit' in a special photo album entitled 'Santos of Years Past' that you can find here on the blog, on Pinterest, and on Facebook. It will feature photos, artist impressions, and portraits of Santos from way when (and some from a little more recently) - many of which never shared before!

Today this 'memory lane' of discontinued Santos starts off with photos of three that now are members of the family only in spirit: A beautiful 24" Blue-Green Santos Cage Doll, and two stunning Santos Mannequins.


24" Blue-Green Santos Cage Doll. [discontinued]


24" Blue-Green Santos Cage Doll. [discontinued]


Articulated Santos Mannequin. [discontinued]


24" Articulated Santos Mannequins. [discontinued]


As said, expect many more
'discontinued' Santos of Years Past photos to be published on the blog, Pinterest, and Facebook. We will also, likely once a week, send you a 'digest' of them in our Newsletter - along with NEWS, of course. :)

Speaking of which:
Although various of the Fall Clearance Savings products are now sold out (and... discontinued), we have added various more 'Hearts' to the category. So grab them before they are gone for good!

Hooray, :)

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