What's Taking So Long?!

So here's the deal:

20" Aqua and Ivory Painted Tin Skirt Santos Angel (see photo below) and her 'Sister in Blue' (both announced here previously) were originally scheduled to arrive at SantosCageDoll.com early October.
However, there have been a number of delays on their journey to us...

Including --after finally leaving the Philippines with a one-week delay-- a mid-journey freighter switch/partial rerouting.
A week or so later that was followed by a huge blazing fire in an already heavily congested harbor, so out of safety concerns the still loaded vessel then had to leave the harbor for a few days, until the fire was under control. (Yes: The Angels are 100% unharmed!)

So now we are waiting for them to be loaded on a truck, and then arrive at our offices late October/early November. Finally! :)



As a thank you
... for your patience in this matter we do have something cool in store for when the 'Tin Skirt' Angels finally arrive. What that is exactly will be revealed in the next newsletter!



We complete this blog update
... with the happy news that the Articulated Mini Santos Angel Mannequins (in Red, and Blue; see photo) are now back in stock! In addition, the Large 'Gold' Wooden Angel Wings are available again as well.
Find both the Mini Angels and Huge Wings in the site's 'New And Back In Stock' section. 

We'll be in touch again soon!

Some of the items we have been listing back in stock recently may have been added for the last time! Either way, please make sure to not miss out. Also because as 
SantosCageDoll.com's final two months progress we will be deleting more and more Santos favorites from our inventory!




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