NEW Santos Angel! FREE Crowns! Claim Yours!


(Can you tell we're overjoyed? Please excuse any exclamation point overloads! ;) )

Even though won't be around much longer, we wanted to introduce some new Santos Dolls before we close our 'doors'. A month ago or so we introduced the new Light Turquoise Mini Santos Doll on Stand - along with various other new Santos items. And today, perfectly in time for the Holidays, we are excited to announce the latest (and, alas, last...) amazing, graceful addition to our Collection:

The Heavenly Blue Santos Angel with Tin Skirt! She has brown eyes, with such a serene expression! And her brown 'combed' hair beautifully complements her fair, bisque-like complexion. This angel's carefully 'pleated' skirt is, as said, a gorgeous blue, with a wonderful distressed finish - and her body is painted to match. A Saint with palms facing up, standing firmly yet peacefully on her round pedestal... Such a blessing!

Not only that: She arrived with her sister, the 20" Ivory Painted Tin Skirt Santos Angel - a 'huge' customer favorite from last year who thus is back in stock now. Don't lose your chance now if you weren't in time one year ago to have her angelic presence grace your home for Christmas (and beyond)!

As an introductory offer, each Santos Angel currently comes with a FREE petite Santos crown; the perfect little crown these Santos Angels can be seen wearing in various of these photos!

And that covers it... If you prefer more frequent updates, make sure to also follow us on Facebook, where we post 'the latest' various times a week. :)

We are still adding numerous Santos favorites back in stock, various times a week. But also more and more are being deleted from the inventory, with others soon to be sold out permanently. So please make sure not to miss out; get your favorites in these final two months - while you still can!



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