Palmtrees Vacation = Santos Sale!

This sale has ended.

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 August 8... 
... is the start of our beach vacation. will of course stay open! And, until the 8th we are still shipping orders out. After that we won't be doing so for a while - until back, August 18 and onwards.

In vacation-anticipation we already have a new coupon code, which is valid until August 18:
Enter PALMTREES in the designated coupon code field during checkout and enjoy 10% off any in-stock item you purchase!

 Speaking of In-Stocks: 
The past week saw us adding following items back to site inventory:
★ Three different 8" tall 'Silver' Tin Sacred Heart Ex Votos
★ Embossed Metal Angel Wings, in 'Silver' or 'Gold'
★ 3" Rhinestones Hummingbird Crown; pink, green, purple & amber
★ Double Sacred Heart 'Gold' Tin Ex-Votos (2 sizes)
★ 3 1/8" Distressed Silver Finish Santos Crown, w/ Fleur de Lis
★ Set of 4 Primitive Style Silver Ex-Votos
★ 6" Gold or Silver Tin Flaming Heart Milagro
★ Silver Plated Double Sacred Heart Milagro
★ 24" Primitive Reclaimed Wood Gilded Angel Wings
★ Silver Plated French Madonna Santos Crown, S or M

In a few days we will also have the Small Madonna Crown, 4" Filigree Ex-Voto (a relatively new items that almost immediately sold out), 'Notre Dame' Lockets Duo, Pewter Sacred Heart Vial, and Mother of Pearl Ex-Voto back in stock!

 Plus: New! 
A few days ago we added two brand new items to the website: A 'straight' version of our Petite Santos Crown w/ Rhinestones, and an Antiqued Silver Flaming Heart Ex-Voto Cachette w/ Halo & Marian Monogram.

Check our Facebook page for more frequent updates - about back in stock items, new additions, and more!

Until the next time, best wishes! :)
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