Mother's Day Sale & More

This sale has ended. Make sure to LiKE us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date on future promotions and more!

Vacation update: As mentioned previously, we will be leaving for vacation soon... The exact dates we will be gone are May 10 - 22. During that tropical week-and-a-half will be open for orders, but won't we be able to ship any yet; they'll be packaged and sent starting May 23. 

Also important: (No) Thanks to FaceBook's recent policies, SantosCageDoll posts -and those of many other small business pages you LiKEd- may not show up in your timeline there much anymore :( - not even if we were to pay for them, or post an ad!
So, checking the SantosCageDoll FaceBook page 'manually' on a regular basis is definitely the smart thing to do IF you don't want to miss out on frequent updates! Stay informed about new items (see below!), exclusive Santos portraits (a new one soon!), our latest photos (sneak previews included!), back-in-stock favorites, awesome angelic finds... And did we hear something about a 'site-wide' mother's day coupon code to be announced there in the near future?! ;)

Speaking of new items: We added two new distressed, 3" 'fleur de lis' Santos crowns to the site; one has a 'zinc' finish, and the other (see photo) 'silver'. Limited stock (and they're going fast!)!

We will be listing two more crowns soon, and will announce this on FaceBook and Twitter when they go live - so make sure to check back there regularly!

Thanks - we appreciate you!


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